Vance Insulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1

Vance Insulation Service Area

Q: Am I in your Service Area?

A: Service Area Map provided.

Customer Question #2

Q: What kind or types of insulation do you perform?

A: We install: 

1) Fiberglass Batt

2) Blown Cellulose or Fiberglass

3)Closed Cell Spray Foam (CCF) 

4) 6, 10, 12, or 20 MIL Poly Vapor Ground Barriers

5) Air Seal: foam seal vents, joints, pipe & wire access holes

Customer Question #3

Q: Do you do anything other than insulation?

A: Yes, Mold Remediation & Moisture Control. 

- Infested insulation removal

- Structure mold scrubbed, sprayed and/or encapsulated.

- Moisture issues identified.

- Vapor barriers & encapsulations

- Water drainage (trenching, backfill of below grade crawlspace and/or sump pump)

- Drying and/or Dehumidifying

- Hydrometer air moisture readings